110 Industries announces mech combat game Vengeance is Mine for PS5, Xbox Series, and PC – Gematsu


Publisher 110 Industries has announced Vengeance is Mine, a mech combat game in development for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, and PC. It will launch in 2023. The developer was not announced.

“This is a day I’ve been looking forward to for the past six months or so,” associate creative director Stefanie Joosten said during the 110 Industries Tokyo Game Show 2021 Online Showcase. “Last winter, I joined a new project as the associate creative director, and started working day and night with an amazing group of people from around the world. We set out to imagine a powerful and moving single-player story that is bold, fresh, exciting, and will leave you hanging on the edge of your seats. Our brilliant development team was given the job to craft a completely new experience by blending themes and genres in unexpected ways, and innovate on industry standards as we’ve known them so far. We are creating an emotional spectacle like you’ve never seen or played before. This is more than just a game, I cannot be more excited to give you the first look.”

Watch the teaser trailer below.

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