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2020 was quite a hectic year thanks to the worldwide health pandemic. While we have a better grasp on the situation and health officials are working hard not only on vaccines but providing a means to treat those with severe cases of the virus, most of us are still dealing with some issues. One of which is still being a bit locked down and staying at home. It’s a slow process getting the world back in order so last year when the world was heavily under quarantine and we were all locked inside our homes, chances are you sought out some entertainment.

That was the fortunate part of these lockdowns. While you might not have been able to do outdoor activities or gather with friends, there was time to catch up on shows, movies, and of course video games. 2020 saw a massive indie sleeper hit emerge online to the masses. After the developers at InnerSloth stopped their support for Among Us, it quickly gained worldwide attention with fans jumping into the game to play it. Overall, that prompted the developers to backtrack their end of support with the studio still providing new content and updates.

One of the new updates is a Vent Cleaning task. If you haven’t played the game before then it’s a simple concept. It’s based around a group of players online that are crew members taking care of daily tasks. Everyone has to complete their tasks to end the game or successfully vote off the impostors. Meanwhile, the few impostors among the group must track down and stealth kills the crew while avoiding any attention. It’s a tense game that has players quickly jumping into matches and spending a few minutes going through a round. 

As mentioned, the latest update brought out a new task which is Vent Cleaning. Players who receive this task will need to clean out the vents designated which is simply opening up a vent and taking out debris. Meanwhile, the impostor is not able to use the specific vent or travel to it when it’s actively being cleaned out. This update will roll out to players worldwide this July 7, 2021, where it will bring out plenty of bug fixes as well.

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