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One of the big hit video game titles from 2020 actually came out in 2018. Among Us blew up immensely, and everyone was joining online with friends for this deception game. However, it was a bit of a problem for the developers initially. There was a massive influx of players to a game that they had decided to move on from. However, with the newfound success, the developers went back and started providing updates. Now developers InnerSloth recently teased the next update on Twitter.

Unfortunately, there is no confirmation on just what this update will be about. The tweet came from the official Among Us Twitter account. In it, we have an image of what looks like a crewmate concerned with whatever is hurling its way. It seems like the crewmate is floating in space, and something massive like a meteor is shooting in his direction.

All the tweet states are that this is just a tiny peek at the art for the next big update. Fans have speculated the image is of a meteor. Perhaps it will be a new map location or a new threat crewmate will need to prepare for. Whatever the case ends up being, fans are likely ready to dive into new content for this game. Since 2020 the game continues to thrive in popularity. 

Chances are you’ve already enjoyed this game. Among Us is a deception title where players start the match by completing a series of objectives scattered around the map. Meanwhile, impostors are tasked with killing off the crewmates. During the game players can’t talk until a dead body is discovered or an emergency meeting is called. From there, players can ask questions, accuse each other and vote out who they believe is the impostor. 


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