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Among Us might have launched in 2018, but it blew up in popularity in 2020. A year where all of us were stuck indoors because of the worldwide health pandemic, Among Us was just one of the games to connect friends socially. This social deduction game is still a fan favorite today, but we’ve been limited to the platforms on which we could enjoy this game. Now it looks like there are still plans to see the title hit console platforms this year.

Currently, Among Us is on mobile devices, PC, and the Nintendo Switch. However, those on other mainline console platforms have been stuck waiting on the game. Platforms like the Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, and PS5 are slated to receive the game. Although, there wasn’t any indication on when exactly players would play the game for the various platforms. Recently, the developers from InnerSloth have confirmed that Among Us is still coming to more console platforms later this year. 

Again, it’s only a promise like before with no actual release date attached. Instead, it’s a slated 2021 launch due to the developers wanting to ensure that every platform features the same content. One of the hold-ups so far is the next major update coming out. Rather than being an update that fixes some issues with the title, there are two major additions to the game. We know that more mysterious roles are coming to Among Us, but the other update addition has yet to be unveiled. 

Regardless, this is one game that likely won’t find its popularity waning anytime soon. Fan’s can’t get enough of this social gameplay experience. However, there’s no telling just what changes the game will encounter when the next update rolls out. For now, we’ll have to keep an eye out for any official announcements regarding the new console platform launches.


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