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Indie developers InnerSloth launched a deception game in 2018 called Among Us and even transitioned to a new game in 2020. However, when the game became a worldwide hit, it brought the developers back to continue support. Today the studio is still working on the game with new updates. Still, there was something else Among Us fans were excited about. Rumors began to swarm around the internet when a Disney XD parody account tweeted out that the game will become a television series. 

This Twitter account was a parody, but that didn’t stop some fans from taking the news as accurate. Fans were quickly anticipated an animated television series based on the hit Among Us video game title. Unfortunately, those of you who were excited about a Disney XD television adaptation will have to wait. So far, there doesn’t appear to be any television show adaption in the works for this IP. Of course, because of how big this fake announcement blew up, it would be interesting to see if another network ends up working with the developers to bring out a series. 

As mentioned, Among Us is a deception game which centers around crewmates. Players will either be a crewmate or an impostor. Being a crewmate the player will need to go through a series of tasks. Impostors only has on task and that’s killing the crewmates. It would have been interesting to see how a television series adapted the deception game and crafted a thrilling narrative. 

While we don’t have a television series for Among Us, we do have new content. InnerSloth even teased the next big update for the game. The image was shared on Twitter which showcases a crewmate heading straight into a giant yellow rock or meteor. There’s been plenty of speculation of what the new update will bring, but we’re still waiting on the official reveal.


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