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Chances are you remember Abandoned being an upcoming title from an indie team called Blue Box. This game blew up online as fans were convinced that this was a title attached to the Silent Hill IP. After so many posts claiming that the game was attached to the Konami survival horror IP a video that was uploaded online from the founder of Blue Box was released to once again claim that Abandoned was not attached to Silent Hill in any capacity. Still, fans were not quite convinced. That changed when Konami unveiled a partnership with Bloober Team.

Now fans are feeling that if we were to get a Silent Hill game then it would be from the development studio Bloober Team which you might remember for their latest video game release, The Medium. For fans who are still wondering just what the whole Abandoned game will be about are in luck. Later this month we will get a chance to pre-load a trailers App. This is only for PlayStation 5 owners so if you don’t have a PlayStation 5 then you’ll have to either wait for the video to pop up online or catch a stream of the trailer.

Regardless, there is plenty of hype building up on this title so we’re hopeful that this game trailer will help give some more details about what exactly we’re in for. Those of you who missed out on the original announcement of Abandoned, this is a game where we take the role of Jason Longfield who wakes up in an unusual forest. Now lost and uncertain where he is, Jason soon learns that he was kidnapped and brought out into the woods for something more sinister.

Now our protagonist must work to survive and escape the area from the hostile enemies lurking about. Again, this game blew up and caused so many conspiracy theories that it was attached to Hideo Kojima with the highlight anticipated revival for Konami’s Silent Hill franchise but now it looks like it will soon stand on its own two feet. Players can pre-load the trailer on July 29, 2021, with the actual trailer being dropped next month in August.

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