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There are several big battle royale competitive multiplayer games thriving today. This genre is flooded with different games in the marketplace. However, few manage to gain a substantial audience. Among that list is Apex Legends, a hero-based battle royale game that was developed under Respawn Entertainment. Fans have continued to enjoy this game since its surprise release back in February of 2019.

However, some fans are finding an issue lately with the game that hasn’t been resolved yet. For the past several days, a player joining the game finding the title will disconnect players. That’s not a good thing for players trying to play competitive-ranked matches. When this disconnect rate started to rise, Respawn Entertainment was hard at work trying to fix this problem. Unfortunately, this issue might take the development team a few more days.

The goal is to have the disconnect issue completely solved by September 22, 2021, when Respawn Entertainment sends out the next patch. Unfortunately, that’s only a couple more days of waiting, so it might be best to hold off from playing ranked matches for the time being. Fortunately, there is one change to help players out that are wanting to play ranked games. The developers are extending the ranked split.

Respawn Entertainment is extending the ranked split by one week, which starts today. Hopefully, this disconnect error will be fixed as soon as possible for players. This error might not hit everyone playing, but the studio alerted that the disconnect rate is three times the normal rate right now, so play cautiously if you try to go through a ranked match.


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