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There are a few notable free-to-play battle royale video game titles available in the marketplace right now. Among that list is Respawn Entertainment’s surprise release hit, Apex Legends. This game was such a massively popular title when it launched that players are still enjoying the game years later. However, that doesn’t mean the community hasn’t been vocal about adding in what they would like to see. Included in that list of features players would like added into Apex Legends is wallrunning.

Players have taken up with Apex Legends. It’s already a fast-paced FPS title as it stands right now. With wallrunning players will be able to zip throughout the map. Unfortunately, it’s not included in the game, but fans can get a hold of a build that features wallrunning. Along with wallrunning, players can gain access to older event maps and weapons. That’s something that might pique some fan’s interest, but it’s not likely that this build will be available on too many hosts.

EA will likely remove these builds quickly. Still, you can check out the wallrunning mechanic in action from the video embedded above. As you can see, the player can make some quick ground by zipping around the different buildings and walls. However, it would likely make for quite the hectic gameplay for players actively trying to take down an enemy. That’s possibly why the development studio never added this mechanic officially into the game.

For now, it looks like the folks over at Respawn Entertainment are still supporting Apex Legends. As a result, you might not see wallrunning added into the game entirely, but you should still expect plenty of content to keep players actively enjoying the game. In the meantime, players that want to try out Apex Legends can do so freely on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Meanwhile, mobile users should get the game sometime in 2022.


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