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Apex Legends’ Next Town Takeover Might Be Rampart-Themed, According to Leak – Gameranx


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A leaker has revealed what’s likely to be the next Town Takeover event in Apex Legends. Rampart, the defensive Legend introduced in Season 6, is apparently going to be next in line for a special location event. It’s a leak, so we’ll only know for sure when the event is announced, but given that Apex has been teasing something related to Rampart, it’s not outside the realm of possibility, though where the Town Takeover will be is a point of some confusion.

The leak comes from a fairly reliable Apex source, though of course, everyone should take the details with a grain of salt until this is officially announced. SomeoneWhoLeaks says in a tweet that Rampart’s blueprint screens will appear on the map. Another leaker suggested that Rampart’s Town Takeover could be on the World’s Edge map. We’ve already seen a tease of Rampart’s heirloom weapon earlier this year.

In case you’re not aware, a Town Takeover is an altered map that’s changed to fit with one of the Legends. There have so far been Town Takeovers themed around Octane, Caustic, Crypto, Bloodhound, Pathfinder, and Mirage. Now there will soon be one themed around Rampart. Unlike previous town takeovers, however, Rampart’s Town Takeover will be an Arena map, at least according to the leaker. Other leakers have sort of borne out these rumors, including GarretLeaks on Twitter.

Apex has been adjusting to account for the latest legend, Seer, and the big changes the developers at Respawn made to the World’s Edge map as part of the Emergence Season 10 update. Other leaks suggest there could be a monster-themed event on the way, with skins for Bloodhound and Revenant being allegedly discovered. Some leakers have suggested that this is the season to be a Rampart main, as the Rampage LMG also pairs well with the Legend.


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