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One of the most popular battle royale video game titles there is right now in the marketplace is Apex Legends. For the past few years this game has continued to get supported with a massive player base. Gamers around the world have been enjoying this battle royale title, but there’s one missing and highly requested feature. Respawn Entertainment is still working hard to deliver the anticipated cross-progression system.

For a good while now, players have expressed interest in a cross-progression system. Ultimately, that would allow players to move between platforms with their account progression. Apex Legends is a popular video game title, so it might be confusing to see cross-progression is not available. Apparently, this is a messy feature to implement. One fan asked for a cross-progression timeline during a recent Reddit AMA that the development team for Apex Legends.

Likewise, the fan also asked what has Respawn Entertainment taking so long to deliver cross-progression. According to the director of communication at Respawn Entertainment, Ryan Rigney, this is not something they can simply add-in easily. Instead, there are many moving parts to cross-progression, which the development team is still working hard to get through. For those thinking it’s a quick update addition with making universal accounts, it’s anything but that.

When it comes to cross-progression, Ryan lists out all the challenges they face. There are different legal and contractual issues with other regions having their own laws. This is a long process to go through, but Ryan also noted that they should have everything cleared out and ready to go by next year. That’s a bit of a wait to endure, but at the very least, we know that Respawn Entertainment is not giving up on cross-progression.


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