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Either you love it or hate it, but the Souls and Souls-like games have become such a massive hit within the video game industry. These games bring out a real challenge to them and with each game, the release comes to a flock of players eagerly diving into the title for the brutal battles and challenges that await them. Bloodborne is one of the video game exclusives that came out for the PlayStation 4 back in 2015 and since then, players have been waiting for a sequel to come out. Without diving too deep into the lore, the game follows a Hunter that discovers the city of Yharnam has been taken over by a blood-borne disease. This has left players to venture in and find the source of the plague which again is not a walk in the park.

As you likely are already aware from the first time this game hit the marketplace, the battles are challenging and you’ll need to rely on avoiding attacks from enemies while also landing some critical blows. This means strafing and dodging enemies when possible but also delivering some fast offensive attacks. If you have been enjoying this game since it first released on the PlayStation 4 then chances are you’ve been waiting on a sequel. Now that it’s been quite a few years, you might be wondering if we’ll just simply get a remastered edition.

There’s never any shortage of rumors that circulate online regarding the video game industry. Fans are quick to offer their own speculations and then we have some online leaks that are more credible than others. If you have been hoping to see something come out regarding Bloodborne then you might want to keep an eye out in September. We’ve started to see more rumors suggesting that a port of this game is coming out with an announcement slated for sometime within the month of September.

Again, the rumors vary as some suggest that there might be some slight expansions while others are claiming this is just a port from the PlayStation 4 release. Regardless, if these rumors do prove to be real then we might actually see Bloodborne hit the marketplace once again for the PlayStation 5 and PC platforms. It’s going to be quite the event when that announcement comes, but for now, you can at least prepare for FromSoftware’s next video game release which is Elden Ring.

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