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A new leak suggests that a previous player character will appear in an upcoming DLC or update for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. As always, we advise taking this notion with a few grains of salt, but if true, it would be a very interesting crossover between two Assassins who otherwise would never meet each other in history — and there is an actual story justification for this potential encounter.

The news comes from an AC leaker called j0nathan, who revealed details in a YouTube video (it’s in French, but I think one can get the basic gist of it from watching the visuals). Supposedly, a new quest in a future update will have Eivor hear rumors about someone who bears a resemblance to companion Randvi and will then go to check them out, only to meet none other than the Eagle Bearer herself, Kassandra.

For those who don’t know, the big spoiler at the end of Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey was that Kassandra, the Greek mercenary and proto-Assassin who wiped out an early Templar-like group, was actually still alive in the 21st century. She’d survived thanks to a Piece of Eden, the Staff of Hermes, which makes the bearer immortal. Despite that, we have no idea what she was up to in the several centuries between the historical setting of Odyssey and its modern storyline, where she meets Layla Hassan.

Presumably, a cameo in Valhalla’s DLC would bring her into contact with Eivor, one of the other European Assassins of note. The only snag I can foresee preventing her appearance would be if the developers didn’t want to confuse players who played as Alexios instead. Kassandra is the canonical player character (as is female Eivor, for the record), but I can still see players who chose her brother being baffled that she appears in the DLC, rather than him.


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