Sony finally releases new Playstation Plus subscription.

Sony finally releases new Playstation Plus subscription.

Xbox’s Gamepass is an massive hit among gaming industry. As they were offering games on day one release. This newly introduced gaming service has been appreciated by many gamers. Gaming enthusiasts were speculating that Sony Entertainment might release a gaming service similar to Xbox’s Gamepass. Earlier, this new gaming service codenamed as spartacus. Finally the … Read more

Sony finally acquires Bungie Studios For $3.6 Billion maker of destiny and Halo

Sony finally acquires Bungie Studios For $3.6 Billion maker of destiny and Halo

Bungie is the studio behind Destiny video game and the original developer of Halo This happened soon after Microsoft acquires Activision and Blizzard Microsoft bought Activision and Blizzard for $69 billion USD Gameintime : Sony made a clear statement that this acquisition does not make Bungie Studios to release exclusive games for playstation. Sony Interactive … Read more

Shin Megami Tensei V ‘Daily Demon Vol. 152: Mot’ video – Gematsu

[ad_1] Volume 152 of Atlus‘ “Daily Demon” video series for Shin Megami Tensei V introduces returning demon Mot. Shin Megami Tensei V is due out for Switch on November 11 in Japan and November 12 worldwide. Read more about the game here, here, and here. Watch the latest trailer here. Watch the video below. [ad_2] … Read more

The King of Fighters XV Heidern trailer, screenshots – Gematsu

[ad_1] SNK has released a new trailer and screenshots for The King of Fighters XV introducing playable character Heidern (voiced by Haruo Yamagishi). Previous character trailers introduced K’, Ash Kukri, Ash Crimson, Antonov, Athena Asamiya, King of Dinosaurs, Ramon, Vanessa, Luong, Blue Mary, Ralf Jones, Clark Still, Leona Heidern, Ryo Sakazaki, Robert Garcia, Chris, Shermie, … Read more

Back 4 Blood Has Nailed The Atmosphere That Left 4 Dead Didn’t – Gameranx

[ad_1] Back 4 Blood has done a lot of things right, it has captured the essence of the Left 4 Dead franchise perfectly. It hasn’t just captured the essence of Left 4 Dead though, it has built upon and improved the games. One way in which it has done so is with the atmosphere of … Read more

Call Of Duty: Vanguard Needs to Fix The Franchise’s Storage Problem – Gameranx

[ad_1] The Call of Duty franchise has had an issue with taking up an insane amount of storage for a few years now, Call of Duty: Vanguard needs to fix it. For those not in the know, the Call of Duty games of recent years have taken up truly insane amounts of storage. Call of … Read more

Call of Duty: Vanguard Writers Aiming for Trilogy – Gameranx

[ad_1] Less than a month away from the release of Call of Duty: Vanguard, fans are getting ready to dive headfirst into the war-torn battlefields of the franchise’s eighteenth installment. Though it’s always unsure what the future will hold, Call of Duty fans are nothing if not passionate, and this game is likely to be … Read more