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One of the more anticipated video game titles slated to release this year has been Back 4 Blood. This comes from the original development team behind Left 4 Dead, Turtle Rock Studios. Recently, fans could dive into the early access beta, which is only available to those who pre-ordered the game. While the open beta is coming later this month, it looks like fans are already finding plenty of issues with this game. So perhaps we’re going to see the development studio delaying this game when the beta comes to an end.

Being such a hyped and anticipated game, it can be challenging for developers to meet all the expectations. However, it does look like there are more than just a few problems players are having with Back 4 Blood. Most were hopeful to see the same charm and enjoyment from Left 4 Dead in this spiritual successor. Although, as it stands, the game is in rough shape in plenty of player’s eyes. Looking through the Back 4 Blood subreddit, you’ll find endless posts right now with players finding the game lacking. 

We’ve seen reports on how the mechanics can be a bit rough. Maps were also problematic as fans found them too linear. Another area that players were not finding to be enjoyable was the zombies themselves. Some players are finding the zombies to be too plain, even with the special infected characters. Since this game is centered around fighting waves of zombies, that’s something to be quite alarming. 

Although, this is just the start of the beta with those who have early access. As mentioned, there is an open beta which should give even more opinions about the game. Unfortunately, the game doesn’t have too much time left to be developed. Perhaps we’ll see a delay announcement coming after the beta wraps. However, suppose the developers don’t delay the game after the critical feedback. In that case, we will see a release on October 12, 2021. 


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