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Turtle Rock, the developers of the upcoming Back 4 Blood, know that their bots are messed up and are going to fix them before the game officially launches. Players discovered the bots’ deficiencies during the beta — the bots are intended to help players who want to go solo — and Turtle Rock has said that fixing the bots is a big project.

If you’ve been following anything related to Back 4 Blood, you probably know that the bots are a bit on the dim side. There are already several funny videos you can find of the bots doing something other than what they’re supposed to do while players are in-game with them. Not only are we all aware of it, but it seems the developers are as well. In a developer Q&A with VG247, Turtle Rock’s lead producer Matt O’Driscoll answered an inquiry about the bots.

Says VG247: “The bots in the Back 4 Blood beta are not very smart. They can shoot, and tag items for the group, but you can’t rely on them to do much more. This is something Turtle Rock is working on – it’s one of the team’s current big projects – and O’Driscoll said launch day bots will be smarter than the beta.” It’s good to know that Turtle Rock is taking on player feedback before the game officially launches.

Other highlights from the Q&A include the fact that the balance is being tuned some more based on player feedback in the beta, which is good. Turtle Rock will offer some kind of post-launch free content in addition to its paid DLC, but we don’t know yet what that’ll be. Those who pay for the DLC will be able to invite those who didn’t to enjoy its content with them. Back 4 Blood is set to launch on October 12 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.


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