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The developers of Back 4 Blood have addressed one of the shortcomings of the game: Namely, that players on consoles cannot adjust the game’s field of view (FOV). Turtle Rock Studios have since acknowledged that it’s a thing players want, though it has not promised to make the necessary changes one way or another.

The game’s creators acknowledged this problem in a VG247 interview. While we don’t have a direct quote, the article says: “FOV on consoles demand is acknowledged: This is another issue on Turtle Rock’s radar, especially on PS5 and Xbox Series X. While O’Driscoll couldn’t give me an answer one way or another, he understands that it’s a popular request for console players and said the team is looking into it.”

That’s not a yes or a no either way, but at least it’s on the developer’s radar. FOV, which determines how much the players in first-person can see of the world around them, might not seem like a big deal. However, the right field of view can be different for different players, and if you’re playing with a game that has a FOV that’s not right for you, it can be very disorienting. Some (like your dear author) suffer from motion sickness with first-person games and adjusting the FOV can be the difference between enjoying a game for hours or enjoying a game for five minutes and then needing to lay down.

Turtle Rock have addressed that there are a number of problems with the game that arose during the beta period. The most obvious of which are the bots — gamers who want to go solo for the story are supposedly able to experience it with bots subbing in for three other players. However, the beta revealed that the bots are inept and frequently unable to do what players need them to, with hilarious video evidence.


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