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Back 4 Blood is one of the most anticipated 2021 video game releases. However, fans have been critical over the beta. The subreddit dedicated to Back 4 Blood was full of disappointment. Posts have ranged from mechanics to the linear level designs. Unfortunately, there’s likely too much content fans have been critical about for developers to fix prior to its release. Now fans are finding out that there are no intentions to bring out a versus campaign mode.

In Left 4 Dead 2, there was a mode that allowed players to go through the campaign normally. However, there was one change up, and that was allowing players to take the role of zombies. So now, there was potentially a more significant challenge in completing the campaign with player-controlled enemies to deal with. You won’t find that versus campaign mode in Back 4 Blood. A Reddit user recently shared their question submitted to the official Back 4 Blood Discord server.

When asking developers if there would be a versus mode, the development team confirmed it wasn’t going to be added in. Instead, the focus was on a defensive gameplay element in Back 4 Blood. Players would defend an area with enemy player-controlled Ridden attempted to overtake the room. As you can likely imagine, fans are not thrilled over this confirmation. This could lead to some fans holding out hope for a Left 4 Dead 3.

Because of all the beta criticisms some fans speculate that the development studio, Turtle Rock Studios, might delay the game to rework the title to meet player expectations. This beta was first offered to those who pre-ordered the game. Now an open beta is gearing up for a launch on August 12, 2021, so we should see even more fan feedback hit the internet when everyone can try the gameplay out.


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