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Back 4 Blood continues to build up hype and anticipation. Now fans will soon get their chance to play the game through Early Access. This is set to occur next month, and today, we have another trailer to alert potential players. If you’ve been a fan of the past trailers and marketing promotions used to showcase the game, then this is just another killer teaser. Running under a minute long, we get another look at cleaners fighting off a swarm of infected monsters flooding the area.

Those who pre-ordered a copy of Back 4 Blood are guaranteed a spot in the Early Access portion of the open beta. This kicks off on August 5 through August 9. Meanwhile, there will be an open beta available for all players that didn’t pre-order the game or were fortunate enough to gain a code. The open beta portion for Back 4 Blood is confirmed for August 12 through August 16. Overall, everyone will get a chance to play this game within August.

The beta is also confirmed for both PC and console platforms while also featuring cross-gen and cross-play support. There are specific modes and characters available in this beta as well. You’ll have two maps, access to select cleaners, including Mom, access to various deck cards, weapons, and Ridden enemy variants. Overall, it’s pretty much stacked with everything you’d likely want to test out before the full game drops.

Back 4 Blood from developers Turtle Rock Studios is set to launch on October 12, 2021, for the PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S platforms. Unfortunately, we’re still waiting on the official PC system requirements to come out. Although with the beta coming the system requirements should be unveiled soon.


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