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Turtle Rock Studios might be best known for delivering Left 4 Dead. The iconic multiplayer cooperative FPS had players gunning down zombies. Since then, the IP had been acquired by Valve, whereas the folks from Turtle Rock Studios could pursue a new project. Now, years later, we have a Left 4 Dead spiritual successor coming out. However, while the game has gained quite the following, there is some slightly bad news for PC players. It looks like the game will be coming with DRM.

A minor update was discovered on the official Back 4 Blood Steam store page. Those who visit the page will spot that Back 4 Blood will be using the 3rd-party DRM Denuvo anti-tamper software. DRM is nothing new for video games. On the PC platform, its ability to better control the risk of piracy. Typically it’s a cat and mouse game. Pirates will attempt to crack the game to remove the DRM while developers put their hope in DRM that it keeps the game sealed up tight.

Understandably, DRM is used to prevent piracy. However, PC players are finding more often with DRM and Denuvo, some games are taking a hit in performance. We’ve seen in the past that some games have stuttering or just a drop in frames altogether. Then afterward, when the game is cracked or DRM is outright removed, we see the difference in performance. With Back 4 Blood a relatively popular and anticipated game, it’s likely a rough blow for players who have to worry about DRM not having the best possible performance on their PC system.

Only time will tell if the game will feature some issues because of the DRM implementation. Fortunately, we don’t have a long wait at all. Next week we’ll be able to dive into this game fully. Back 4 Blood is launching on October 12, 2021. When the game releases, you can pick up a copy for the PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S platforms.


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