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EA and DICE have finally dropped the newest piece of marketing for the upcoming Battlefield 2042, and at least one familiar face makes an appearance. The “Exodus” short film has dropped, and Kimble “Irish” Graves is in it, played once again by Michael K. Williams. One can only hope he’s the first of several series characters who appear in the game as playable characters.

Player characters in Battlefield 2042 are referred to as “Specialists,” and there will be several of them at launch. His presence in this short film confirms that Irish will be a Specialist in 2042. He’s the fifth Specialist who’s been revealed so far by DICE, but there are supposedly more on the way. He appears in Exodus on a refugee boat, and presumably, that’s what he’s been up to since the end of Battlefield 4.

Presumably, this means that Battlefield 4 and 2042 take place in the same continuity. DICE has dropped pretty much the entire premise of the game, in that it’s set in the future where most of the world has devolved into a war between the US and Russia, and many refugees from failed states, called “No-Pats,” are becoming a mercenary army that’s being fought over by the major world powers. From what I remember correctly, that does seem to be the way the world was heading as of the end of Battlefield 4.

Naturally, we won’t have a campaign with Irish to play. Battlefield 2042 will be a strictly multiplayer experience, and presumably, all backstory on all Specialists including Irish will be delivered in non-game format. If Battlefield 2042 is DICE’s equivalent of Warzone, it’ll presumably see several Specialists added to the game over the next several seasons. The four we’ve seen already beside Irish include Canadian Assault soldier Webster MacKay, Support medic Maria Falck, Russian Engineer Boris Guskovsky, and Recon soldier Casper Van Daele.

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