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There’s quite a bit of anticipation over the next Battlefield video game installment. We know Battlefield 2042 is releasing this year, but there will be a beta before it does. That should give some fans a chance to check the game out ahead of launch. For those uncertain on whether the game is worth the purchase, having beta or at least seeing more gameplay footage and fan reception could sway either the purchase at launch or not. However, we’re still waiting for the official beta to begin.

Battlefield 2042 was recently pushed back. However, the delay wasn’t substantial as it’s only being held off by a few weeks. That said, before the delay, the beta for Battlefield 2042 was supposed to happen this month. Since the game was delayed, fans have been waiting a bit longer for the beta. On the other hand, Amazon has already been sending out early access beta codes to those that pre-order the game.

Those that have already claimed the copies of games are not finding the beta codes to bring anything out, so no one is playing the beta right now. This is just a case of Amazon likely sending the early access codes ahead of time. Still, it’s leaving some fans wondering just when they will get a chance to play Battlefield 2042. One industry insider has alerted their followers of what they believe will be the beta dates.

Tom Henderson is a credible industry insider. When the game was delayed, it wasn’t long before Tom alerted their followers of the new Battlefield 2042 beta dates. These are not official dates, but if Tom Henderson’s tweet is accurate, we can see Battlefield 2042 early access begin on October 6th, while the open beta will start on October 8th. Although, it a lead community manager for EA has tweeted out that the early access for the beta won’t be until November 12, 2021. If you have pre-ordered a copy of Battlefield 2042, then check your email for a beta code.


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