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EA Studios, the developers of the upcoming Battlefield 2042, have given an official date for the new early access period following the official delay of the game earlier this week. We know now that the game will be available to play for those who have access from November 12, which goes hand in hand with its new release date of November 19. The update comes from EA Studios’ lead community manager Adam Freeman, who was responding to a question about the early access period on Twitter.

The early access period for the game was originally a week in advance of the October release, so anyone who’s pre-ordered the Gold or Ultimate Editions of the game will still be able to enjoy the game for the same exclusive period even with the game’s very late delay. Hopefully we’ll still be getting the game during the holiday period.

It’s a pity that the game’s been delayed, especially considering we’ve seen comparatively little of it. Dying Light 2 received a similar delay, but we’ve seen enough of that game to know it’s most likely cooked and just needs a bit more work. BF 2042, on the other hand, has been kept under relatively close wraps ever since the game was revealed, with lots of fairly curated game footage. There are lots of operators at launch, and we haven’t seen all of them so far.

Hopefully, that doesn’t bode ill for the launch of the game. I am a bit worried that the game might be in competition with Call of Duty: Vanguard within its new launch bracket, but that was going to be a problem regardless. I’m also not sure what problems with the game could be fixed with less than a month of early access time, but I’m not going to argue if it means the development team gets some breathing room.


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