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Dataminers have uncovered details about the mysterious third mode from the upcoming Battlefield 2042, and it’ll apparently be something like Escape from Tarkov. Needless to say, the details should be taken with a grain of salt, but if the details are true, it sounds like it’ll be a fun mode to go along with the other ones that have already been revealed from the game. It’s not been officially confirmed yet, of course, but we still have some time before the game is set to launch for it to be revealed.

We’ve known for a while that Battlefield 2042 would feature three different gameplay modes: All-Out Warfare, which is exactly what it sounds like; Portal, a custom gameplay mode for community experiments; and Hazard Zone. The latter we haven’t heard too many details about, with it presumably being something EA plans to reveal closer to the game’s launch date on October 22.

The new details come from dataminer “temporyal” who tweeted their findings. They describe the mode as “a mix between Escape from Tarkov & Hunt Showdown.” They also tweeted out various other details, such as the fact that players will be able to collect intel from data drives and downed satellites, and will be able to extract from certain zones via helicopter. They also tweeted a list of tactical upgrades, including starting armor, extra intel storage, and faster healing.

Temporyal themself adds that this is not necessarily stuff that’ll all appear in-game, as things are deleted and left in the game’s code all the time. Most likely the official details about Hazard Zone are going to be revealed officially at the upcoming Gamescom event, where EA is set to have a dedicated event. One can only hope that it won’t be the only EA event shown at the event, as we’re still waiting for news about Dragon Age 4.


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