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Battlefield 2042 is an anticipated game. The franchise is often compared to the main competitor, Call of Duty. However, unlike Call of Duty, Battlefield doesn’t receive a new release each year. Instead, these games typically release and have DLC and updates to provide content. This DLC should hopefully keep players sticking around. Recently, Battlefield 2042 had a playtest where a few individuals got to try the game out themselves.

It wasn’t long before footage and pictures started to surface online. EA has been swift to scrub what they can off the internet. EA is now cracking down hard as there’s still a problem with leaks appearing online from this test. In the future, if leaks are found, there will be a strict punishment for breaking NDA. The NDA attempts to keep the gameplay from being passed around online and information showcased before EA delivers the details. It’s rather standard for closed beta tests.

This playtest was held over this past weekend, so there’s bound to be more footage surfacing online. However, those that risk the upload will find strikes against their channels. Likewise, they will be blacklisted from all future technical tests from EA. Going a step further, these individuals could be banned from the full game at launch. While that might not be a problem for some who pass this footage along, it’s safe to say that whatever channel decides to host this footage will end up facing strikes.

Overall, we’re not sure if there are open beta plans for Battlefield 2042. All this was right now as a technical test, but it wouldn’t be surprising to see additional betas pop up. Likewise, we don’t have that long of a wait before we’re able to play Battlefield 2042. Unless there’s a delay that shows up, this game is set to launch on October 22, 2021. Players will pick a copy of this game up on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S platforms.


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