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The latest images of Battlefield 2042, discovered on the updated website, are giving gamers a taste of the kind of destructive potential they can experience when they play the game when it finally launches. The shots of the All-Out Warfare mode seem to promise that the game will at least feature some pretty vast in-game destruction, and hopefully the kind that players themselves are able to carry out.

The images appear alongside the short story snippets that EA and DICE are trickling out as a prelude to Exodus, the short film that will supposedly help set up the events of 2042 and will help explain some of the backstory. There are six “chapters” of these story bits so far, and in several of them are images of the destruction that has occurred around the world. The images appear to be showing the upcoming maps in a historical sense, but the images are still taken from current maps, implying we’ll be part of the carnage in some way.

If you want to get technical, the entire pre-release material has been showing off a lot of destruction. The trailers are full of stuff getting destroyed, either by the players, the general warfare chaos, or the inclement weather. So it’s not a surprise that Battlefield’s destructive tradition is going to continue with this game, and probably bigger and better than ever before.

The game is set to have several modes at launch, as well as feature several throwback maps to older Battlefield titles. No telling if we’re going to get destruction on all of them, but we can only hope. We’re only a short time out from the premiere of Exodus, so hopefully that will at least give us more context about the fight we’re about to dive into. The game itself launches on October 22 on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.


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