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One of the biggest competitors against Call of Duty is getting a new installment released this year. Battlefield has been around for ages and we know that the next installment is set to be Battlefield 2042. Unlike Call of Duty, Battlefield is an IP that doesn’t receive a brand new installment each year. Instead, we get one installment followed by a slew of DLC to keep us tied over until the next thrilling release comes out. 

With Battlefield 2042, we’re not going to receive a new campaign to play through. Instead, this is a multiplayer-focused title much like how Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 was when it first released into the marketplace. Here players will battle against each other and if you were hoping to play with some friends that might not have the same platform as you then you’re still in luck. Today through a DICE blog post, we got the announcement of cross-play for Battlefield 2042. You’ll find that players can go through the game together on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC platforms. Meanwhile, console players can select that they are not matched up against anyone on PC due to the concerns over control advantages. 

What you won’t find here is the ability to cross-play between last-generation console platforms with the current-generation consoles. This is because of the limitations that last-generation console platforms have in regards to how many players can join into a match. For last-generation consoles, you’ll have up to 64 players meanwhile the latest generation is capable of running games with 128 players. Although, there is one element that might appeal to fans that plan on going through this game with multiple platforms. 

DICE has made it so that there is cross-progression. That means all of your experience will carry over to different platforms as it’s tied to your account. This also goes for purchases so that might be a bit more enticing to pick up a copy of the game for last-generation console platforms without the fear of losing out on all your progress when you make the jump onto the latest-generation consoles. 

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