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When it comes to Battlefield, the franchise is gearing up for a new release this year. Fans have been waiting on the next thrilling installment, and now beta is coming up along with a full launch of this game. Now, the game was delayed not long ago. This had fans uncertain if there would be a Battlefield game launching before 2021 officially wraps up. Fortunately, the delay was incredibly minor. Instead of being pushed out into 2021, the delay took the game from its October launch date to November. That’s just a few weeks of waiting for fans.

Now a new rumor is circulating online that suggests there’s another delay announcement coming. This new delay rumor has the game pinned for a March 2022 release. Fortunately, that’s not the case, according to an industry insider. Tom Henderson is a credible industry insider who has made several claims that proved to be true. One of the latest claims is that no delay announcements are coming to Battlefield 2042. But, wherever this rumor originated did not come with any legitimacy.

Tom Henderson took to Twitter and alerted their followers of the false rumor. According to the industry insider, the developers are ready to launch this game on November 19, 2021. Still, fans will get a chance to try this game out through the beta this week, so that should also tell players if this game is up to expectations or not. Chances are, it should be a solid thrilling competitive title. After all, the developers had to feel confident enough to reach the deadline after adding a few more weeks into the project.

For now, it looks like there is no reason not to believe the Battlefield 2042 release date will be pushed back any further. Players that are interested in the game should give the beta a chance this week. Likewise, you can expect the game to hit the marketplace fully on November 19, 2021. When Battlefield 2042 launches, players can pick up a copy for the PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S platforms.


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