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Nintendo Switch has several big-name exclusives that players are hoping to see highlighted soon. For instance, we have Bayonetta 3, which is a game we’ve been waiting on for years now to see released. Now, we know that there is a Nintendo Direct scheduled for tomorrow, September 23, 2021. That could mean there are plenty of big-name video game titles that they’ll finally showcase. Although, we don’t know just what video games will be highlighted during the upcoming stream.

Nintendo Directs pop up at random times. We typically get very short notice of when they’ll be posted. Today Nintendo of America has alerted fans through Twitter that there is a Nintendo Direct scheduled tomorrow. Starting at 3 PM PT, viewers can join in online through the official Nintendo YouTube channel. During the stream, Nintendo will be highlighting video games that are launching this winter season. Again, there are no video game titles confirmed right now to be showcased at this event.

We’re bound to see some big-name titles that could be launching soon. Again we may see Bayonetta 3, but then there are also fans hopeful on other titles. Some might be hopeful for a tease on The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 and Metroid Prime 4. Although the stream will be mainly focused on the winter season launches, there are bound to be some games that are highlighted to launch before the season starts up.

Nintendo will likely have showcased one of those games is Metroid Dread, a Nintendo Switch exclusive coming out on October 8, 2021. Likewise, we do have Mario Party Superstars coming out on October 29, 2021. We’ve seen several trailers released to hype up the game launch, so seeing that title make an appearance could be a safe bet. So with that said, what are you hoping to see showcase during this upcoming Nintendo Direct?


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