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Bayonetta is quite the beloved franchise, with only two installments readily available. With the IP now being published by Nintendo, it’s been a long period of just silence for the franchise. We got the unveiling of Bayonetta 3 during The Game Awards 2017, and since then, the title hasn’t been highlighted. It’s a frustrating time for Bayonetta fans, but the developers over at PlatinumGames are proud of their work.

With Bayonetta 3, we might be dealing with silence, but that doesn’t mean the developers are in any trouble with the IP. Recently, VGC managed to speak with the folks over at PlatinumGames which the studio head, Atsushi Inaba, stated that there is no need to worry and that everything’s okay. But, of course, developers working on the project can’t wait to showcase the title but confirms that they don’t have any say as to when the game gets showcased.

Right now, the decision when the game is shown off is through Nintendo. Naturally, PlatinumGames is eager for players to see it, but for now, they are also in the same boat of waiting on the day for when the game installment is given its highlight. This should be quite an extensive installment, with the developers having spent several years building it up. Likewise, it seems that when the game does finally get a big reveal, it will likely come with an actual release date as well.

Of course, this is a game with a big following, so Nintendo is bound to give Bayonetta 3 a bit highlight during an upcoming Nintendo Direct. In the meantime, all we can do is wait, but having confirmation that the game development is moving along should help ease some fan’s worry over the state of the project.


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