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Last week we got the big unveiling gameplay trailer for Bayonetta 3. This came out from a Nintendo Direct, which had quite a few fans thrilled. We’ve been waiting on this game since it was first teased back in 2017. Unfortunately, those of you who were hoping to get your hands on the game will likely find yourself needing a Nintendo Switch. While the original Bayonetta hit a few platforms, it wasn’t until Bayonetta 2 that the game franchise became an exclusive under Nintendo.

Naturally, some fans are chiming in with questions to PlatinumGames about ports. Some might not realize that this is not PlatinumGames call, but there has been an outpouring request for Bayonetta 3 to hit competitor console platforms outside the Nintendo Switch. Taking to Twitter, PlatinumGames developer Hideki Kamiya decided to unveil that the studio is only working on the Nintendo Switch platform.

Hideki Kamiya is a legendary developer who has worked on multiple iconic video game franchises. Outside of bringing out Bayonetta, Hideki also delivered Resident Evil 2 and Devil May Cry. Taking to his Twitter account, Hideki essentially tells fans that if they want to play the upcoming Bayonetta 3 video game, they should pick up a Nintendo Switch unit as well. But, of course, because Nintendo is publishing the game, they will have a say on what platforms it goes to, so those port pleas should be directed to them and not PlatinumGames.

That’s not likely to happen. Both Sony and Microsoft have started to embrace the PC platform, and Nintendo has yet to even go that far. You’re not likely going to see their exclusives hit competitor platforms, so you have plenty of time to pick up a Nintendo Switch console before the next Bayonetta franchise hits the marketplace sometime in 2022.


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