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Bayonetta fans were treated to a brand new gameplay trailer reveal of Bayonetta 3 during yesterday’s Nintendo Direct. It had a ton of hype built behind it as we have waited since 2017 for the game to launch into the marketplace. If you don’t recall, it was back in 2017 that Nintendo first revealed this game. Now we know that Bayonetta will be releasing next year, but from this latest trailer alone, it looks like there are new rumors and speculation pieces about the leading protagonist.

For the past two Bayonetta games, we’ve come to know this Witch. The character has become iconic and has fans eagerly awaiting the game’s release to continue the storyline. However, with that said, it looks like there’s a different Bayonetta potentially showing up in this installment. Fans have spotted that the voice was slightly different, which was already one red flag for some players hoping Hellena Taylor would return to the character.

In Bayonetta 3, players are starting to speculate that this character is an alternative timeline. Specifically, fans like Suzi Hunter are pointing to Cereza as the likely protagonist. Without diving back into the backstory of Bayonetta, the first game saw the protagonist save herself as a young child. So this could be a grown-up version of Cereza we’re following, which would make for an exciting alternate storyline.

Of course, we don’t have any confirmation that this is the case. Instead, outside of the trailer reveal, we only have an open letter from the game director. However, we know that the studio is nearly done with development, so we should see this game in 2022. Hopefully, more details about the premise will come out soon to either confirm this is the case or leave more clues towards this theory.


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