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The first step of every Call of Duty: Zombies Easter egg is unlocking the Pack-a-Punch Machine. The Zombies maps usually follow a pretty strict formula — first you turn on power, then you activate the Pack-a-Punch. In this map, that formula is strictly adhered to, but actually reaching the Power Room is a lot harder this time around. You’ll also need to arm up and be ready for a challenging mini-boss encounter before you can turn on the Pack-a-Punch Machine proper.

The Pack-a-Punch Machine (and Power) are required before you can access everything in the map. Power unlocks doors so you have more paths to weave through this complicated map, and reactivates perk vendors so you can enhance your strength and survive those high rounds. The Pack-a-Punch Machine is an important weapon upgrade vendor that gives you special beefed-up versions of your favorite weapons. Upgrading your weapons fully with the PaP Machine is required if you want to complete the Easter Egg — and this is how to complete the very first steps.

Step #1: Turn On Power

To turn on Power, you need to get the Fuses and reach the Power Room. To get to the Power Room, go to the East Berlin Streets and access the underground. Unlock the doors to the subway (called Ghost Station) and fight back the wave of burning zombies that spawn.

Take the door to the Maintenance Access, then enter the Power Room. Use the Power Switch, but it won’t work — you need to find and defeat the lightning zombie to collect the fuses. You can collect these Fuses at any point. When you first reach East Berlin Streets, run to the area behind the subway stairs. A Tempest will spawn and you can get one fuse before going inside. If you attempt to use the Power, two Tempests will be marked on your map.

  • Tempest #1: Found in the East Berlin Streets area.
  • Tempest #2: Found in the Sewer Access.

Sewer Access is much trickier, so try to thin out the zombie horde before going down to defeat the Tempest if you’re with an inexperienced team. Tempests will randomly spawn in different rooms. If you explore, unlock doors, and move around for several rounds you can encounter two Tempests and immediately turn on the Power.

Step #2: Unlock The Pack-A-Punch

Use the Rappel rope in the Safe House (connected to the Tunnel near Ghost Station) or in Sewer Access to reach the West Berlin Streets. Now you can reach the area with the floating energy zombies — the Pack-a-Punch machine is there. Next, you’ll need to complete a challenge to unlock the power of the Pack-a-Punch.

Complete The Dark Aether Trial: Interact with the PaP Machine to begin the Dark Aether Trial. The floating zombies will become Dark Aether infused zombies and attack. When they’re defeated, a Disciple boss will spawn. The Disciple is a flying enemy that can empower zombies. Zombies will pour in from all around you, so don’t forget you can retreat back to the West Berlin Streets area and train zombies around the tank.

Before beginning the Dark Aether Trial, make sure you’re well stocked with ammo and have purchased at least one extra gun you can use to accurately shoot the Disciple from long-ish range. You’ll need to constantly be moving to avoid the horde of empowered zombies. Once you kill the Disciple, the trial will complete and the Pack-a-Punch Machine will unlock.

Now you can Pack-a-Punch! The Tier 1 Pack-a-Punch upgrade costs 5,000 points — and you’ll absolutely want to get those Pack-a-Punch’d guns ASAP to deal with the weird bosses on this map.

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