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No, this isn’t a joke. After a weekend of testing, we can confirm the unbelievable — Death Perception is the best perk in Outbreak mode. It’s even great in regular round-based survival modes! But Outbreak is where you’re really going to need it. Leveling Death Perception up to Tier 5 makes it an unbeatable perk, and the first one you’ll want to grab in a game of Outbreak. Let’s break down all the ways you’ll want to get it.

There’s way more than just a new perk in Season 5. Outbreak also includes a useful new side-quest. An Omega helicopter will appear in certain maps — shooting it down drops a special Omega Crate that’s packed with resources and unique weapons like the Flamethrower. Grabbing a dropped Omega Crate can give you a huge amount of supplies, and you’ll earn even more when you’ve fully upgraded Death Perception. The Flamethrower is absolutely unstoppable when it comes to certain boss monsters in Outbreak, and if you get even just two Omega Crates to drop, you’ll be able to fully upgrade everything in your arsenal very quickly.

Let’s get into the details. This is what Death Perception can do for you.

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Why You Need Death Perception | Best Season 5 Perk

Death Perception was one of the worst perks in the old Call of Duty: Zombies days. All it did was let you see zombies through walls — and it still does that here. Not that great. But, leveling up Death Perception to Tier V makes it absolutely god-like, and players are singing its praises everywhere.

  • Tier 0: Without upgrades, this perk allows you to see through walls to spot enemies. Not great.
  • Tier 1: Minimap update rate is increased. Yawn.
  • Tier 2: Enemies give danger indicators when behind the player. Nice, but not necessary.
  • Tier 3: Gain 20% more looted Salvage and High-Grade Salvage. Okay, this is insanely good in Outbreak.
  • Tier 4: Increase armor penetration damage by 25%. This is surprisingly useful.
  • Tier 5: Nearby chests, resources, and item drops are keylined through walls. Very handy.

This perk is basically the ultimate choice for Outbreak. You gain more supplies for more upgrading, you can see through walls to see if rooms are worth entering for loot. You do more damage to armored enemies. The Tier 5 upgrade even lets you identify regular chests from mimic chests. It is really very useful! I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this perk for the standard round-based maps, but on Outbreak it is top-tier. When everything in randomized, having more information is only going to make life easier… oh, and all those supplies.

This is why you’ll want to shoot down those Omega helicopters. You can get 1500~ salvage from a single Omega Crate, and you’ll get +20% with this upgraded perk. That’s insanely useful. Don’t skip it just because it sounds lame.

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