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People need their pizzas, even in the zombie apocalypse. One of the silliest Easter egg quests in Forsaken is actually one of the easiest to trigger — but only if you’ve been upgrading in Zombies mode. If you have a Tier V Aether Shroud power, you can easily enter a locked room featuring everyone’s favorite rocking zombie, Ronald Raygun. If you deliver all four of his pizzas, you’ll earn a prize. This is how to start the little mini-quest and get your random reward.

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Ronald Raygun’s Pizza Delivery Easter Egg | Free Ray Gun Guide

Before you get started, you’ll need to unlock a Tier V Aether Shroud and have it equipped.

  • Go to the yellow door to the left of the pay counter at the Beach Pizza on Main Street and use the Aether Shroud — you’ll teleport into the backroom.
    • Say hello to Ronald Raygun and his pizza delivery service. You (and your team) can collect pizzas from the table. There are four pizzas. You have 45 seconds to deliver the pizza.
  • Deliver the pizza to the objective before the time limit to complete the order. You need to deliver the pizza to open pizza boxes around the map — take a look around to spot these early.
    • Pizza Delivery: Cinema Lobby
    • Pizza Delivery: Video Store 1F
    • Pizza Delivery: Bar 1F
    • Pizza Delivery: Burger Town
  • Complete all four pizza deliveries for a prize.

You’ll get a bunch of free prizes, perks, and even a Legendary Ray Gun if you’re lucky. Not a bad prize for enterprising players.

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