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The Tin Man Easter Egg quest has been completed in record time by the voracious Call of Duty: Zombies community. This series of hidden objectives and tough challenges has been absolutely devoured, and we’ve put together the pieces to explain how to complete each step of the quest. Like most of these massive Easter eggs, you’ll need to do just about everything there is to do on the map — unlock Pack-a-Punch, rebuild Klaus, get the Wonder Weapon, and much more. Thankfully, this Easter egg is surprisingly straightforward. Is it cryptic? Oh, absolutely! But if you know what to do and where to go, this Easter egg is possible to complete even on solo.

For once, the final boss might be the hardest hurdle to complete for solo players. The rest is completely doable. But having a few friends around does help. Here’s how to complete every part of the massive Mauer Der Toten Easter egg quest.

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Before You Begin | Prerequisites For The Easter Egg Quest

Before starting the big Easter Egg quest, you’ll need to do some other tasks around the map. Some of these tasks you can complete as you finish up steps — some are absolutely required. These steps can be accomplished basically at any time and in any order. You’ll need to unlock the Pack-a-Punch Machine, rebuild and upgrade Klaus, and get your hands on a Wonder Weapon.

  • Prereq #1: Unlock Pack-a-Punch
  • Prereq #2: Rebuild & Upgrade Klaus
  • Prereq #3: Get The Wonder Weapon

You can unlock the Pack-a-Punch, then rebuild Klaus, then get a Wonder Weapon while you also work on upgrading Klaus.

  • Prereq #1: Unlock Pack-a-Punch
    • Very simple. Just follow the objectives — turn on Power by reaching the Power Room, finding the two fuses (dropped by two Tempest bosses) and restore power.
    • After that, go to the West Berlin Street and activate the Pack-a-Punch to begin the Dark Aether Trial. Defeat the Disciple boss to unlock the Pack-a-Punch.

Next, you need to rebuild Klaus.

  • Prereq #2: Rebuild Klaus
    • Go to the Safe House to find Klaus, the robot man you can restore. You need two items to restore him — Robot Hands and the Battery.
    • Battery: Drops when you defeat a Tank Zombie Boss. Zombie Tanks spawn in Round 10+.
    • Robot Hands: Install the Brain Rot mod onto any weapon with the Pack-a-Punch, then travel to Hotel Room 305. Use Brain Rot to make a zombie friendly near the boarded up door — the friendly zombie will destroy the door, allowing you to enter the room and collect the robot hands. Interact with the body on the bed.

Once you’ve rebuilt Klaus, you can acquire a FREE Wonder Weapon.

  • Prereq #3: Get The Wonder Weapon
    • You can get the Wonder Weapon randomly in the Mystery Box, as a reward from completing Trials, or you can get a guaranteed one by completing a mini Easter egg quest with Klaus. To get a Free Wonder Weapon, rebuild Klaus, then collect the UV Attachment.
    • How To Get The UV Light Attachment: Take Klaus to the Switch Control Room and order him near the single locker against the wall. He’ll bust it open and you can collect the UV Attachment inside.
    • After you get the UV Attachment, travel to three rooms and find three two digit codes on the walls that only appear under UV Light.
      • Dial #1 Code: Found in the Garment Factory. Use the UV Light to find two numbers on the wall.
      • Dial #2 Code: Found in the Service Passage.
      • Dial #3 Code: Found in the Grocery Store.

Input the three dial codes into the safe in Hotel Room 305. There’s a guaranteed Wonder Weapon inside.

  • Prereq #2: Part 2 – Upgrade Klaus
    • While working on the Wonder Weapon, you can also work on upgrading Klaus. To upgrade Klaus, you need to collect three parts — the Microwave Dish, and two Cosmetic Disks.
    • Microwave Dish: Found in the “Death Strip” dark area outside the PaP Machine. Look for Debris Piles and search them — keep looking, and the Microwave Dish will randomly spawn as a reward.
    • Cosmetic Disks: Two Cosmetic Disks are located in special boxes scattered around the map. Use the UV Light on each to see a small Klaus Icon. Order Klaus near the box to make him smash it open.

There are six boxes total. You can find them in the locations listed below.

  • Klaus Boxes Locations:
    • Box #1: Hotel Lounge – On the inner corner of the room.
    • Box #2: 5th Floor Apartments – Between the door and bookshelf.
    • Box #3: Blasted Suite – Near the workbench. Use the zipline on the right side of West Berlin Street.
    • Box #4: West Berlin Street – Under the Cafe Mueller sign.
    • Box #5: Maintenance Tunnel – Outside the tunnel leading to the Safe House.
    • Box #6: Ghost Station – On the platform opposite the Maintenance Tunnel door.

Use each item at the Klaus Upgrade Station in the Garment Factory. Once Klaus scores enough kills, the Upgrade Station will turn GREEN. Now you can use it. You’ll need to defend it for 60 seconds. To fully upgrade Klaus, you need to use each item, then defend — so you’ll need to send Klaus (and defend him) three times to fully upgrade him. You can work on this while completing different Easter Egg steps.

Step #1: Access The Secret Lab & Charge The Essence

To unlock the Secret Lab, you need Klaus and a Wonder Weapon — you don’t need to upgrade Klaus yet.

  • Summon Klaus in the Sewer Access room and direct him up the small set of stairs to a large section of uninterrupted brick wall. When Klaus is close, he’ll punch right through it to reveal a metal door.
  • Next, shoot the door with the Blazer Mod Wonder Weapon until it melts.

How To Get The Blazer Mod: Kill zombies after acquiring the Wonder Weapon. Randomly, one will drop the Blazer Mod which turns the Wonder Weapon into a beam laser.

Inside the Secret Lab, clear the Disciples that spawn to remove the energy shield from the canister device. Collect all three canisters, then travel to the three Essence Harvesters and insert the canister. For now, all you need to do is PLACE THE CANNISTERS, that’s it.

Essence Harvesters randomly spawn and can appear in the following locations. Three will always spawn in each map.

  • Essence Harvester Location #1: Sewer Access — On the wall in the main room near where the fuse Tempest spawns.
  • Essence Harvester Location #2: West Berlin Street — Against a metal shed.
  • Essence Harvester Location #3: Alley — Next to the dumpster.
  • Essence Harvester Location #4: Ghost Station — Near the small office ticket window on the platform.
  • Essence Harvester Location #5: Korber Rooftop — Near the perk machine and by the chimney.
  • Essence Harvester Location #6: Destroyed Penthouse — Along the windowed wall interior.
  • Essence Harvest Location #7: East Berlin Streets — Between the Bar and the Electronics Shop.

Collect The Essence Trap: After placing the Cannisters in the Essence Harvesters, return to the Secret Lab — when you enter, drop down to the lower floor, turn around and look in the right corner. Shoot the device in this corner with the Blazer Wonder Weapon to unlock the cabinet and collect the Essence Trap.

With the Essence Trap, you can now charge the cannisters.

  • How To Recharge The Cannisters: Go to each Essence Harvester and drop the Essence Trap nearby. This will cause Tempest bosses to spawn. Kill the Tempest bosses that spawn — kill 6~ to charge the Cannister. When it is charged, it will glow with purple Dark Aether energy. Collect the Charged Canister and return to the Secret Lab. Input the Canister back in the device you took it from.

After an Essence Trap is depleted, you’ll need to return to the Secret Lab to get another. Charge the Cannister at all three Harvesters and return to the Secret Lab, plugging in all three, to complete this step.

Step #2: Stopping The Train, Getting The Warhead & ID Card

Next, we need to get a Nuclear Warhead. To do this, you need an Upgraded Klaus.

How To Stop The Train: Go to the Switch Control Room — on the main train switching station, you’ll find a new interaction prompt. Use it to switch the train lines. Next, go out to the Ghost Station and place Klaus on the train tracks further away from the Switch Control Room (so, leaving the Control Room, cross the first set of tracks, and then place Klaus on the second set of tracks) — do this before the train arrives.

Next, a train will arrive and Klaus will stop the train, allowing you to board. Inside the train, you can collect two items: the ID Card and the Warhead.

  • Warhead: Found in the crate at the end of the stopped train.
  • ID Card: Found on a dead body in one of the train seats.

Step #3: Build The Klaus Headgear

Next, we need to upgrade Klaus again. To do that, you need to find three items: Antenna, Transistor, and Electronic Boards.

  • Antenna: Apartment Rooftop – Shoot the antennae tower on the rooftop with any Wonder Weapon to knock it down. Collect the Antenna part that drops below.
  • Transistor: Electronics Store – Shoot the retro radios (find some directly left as you enter from the door opposite the Bar) with any Wonder Weapon. Just keep shooting them until one drops this item.
  • Electronic Boards: Ghost Station – On the platform with the stairs leading up, go to the ticket window and look for a box above the sign. Shoot this small box with any Wonder Weapon to drop this part.

Once you have the parts, return to the Safe House and interact with Klaus in his chair to install them. You’ve now upgraded Klaus with the Hacking Helm.

Step #4: Activate The Disruptor Satellite

Use the computer on the table in the center of the Safe Room — with the ID Card, you can now select to “Browse Files” — continue to do this until you get a special prompt that says “Activate The Disruptor Satellite”. Stop here and prepare yourself. Once this step begins, you’ll only have 5 minutes to complete it.

  • Activate the Disruptor Satellite with the Safe Room computer.
  • Go to the tents (East Berlin Streets or West Berlin Streets) and use the computer inside. Either computer works. Activate the computer to initiate the timer.
  • Mimics and Megaton bosses will spawn. Kill them and collect the Uranium Rock.
  • Use the Uranium Rock on the Workbench to create the Uranium Device.

NOTE: While holding the Uranium Device, you’ll slowly take damage. Drop it to recover your health.

  • With the Uranium Device, interact with the Korber Rooftop Zipline at the large “KORBER” sign. The zipline goes straight through the “O” in the sign.
  • Go back and collect the second Uranium Rock (dropped by the previous Mimic / Megaton boss spawn) and use it at a Workbench to gain a second Uranium Device.
  • Next, go to the Destroyed Penthouse and use the Uranium Device on the zipline that leads to the Korber Rooftop — the same zipline with the other Uranium Device. Place it and both devices will zipline into each other — colliding and combining.

Go down to the East Berlin Streets and collect the Cleansed Rock. Return to the Secret Lab and use the Cannister Station. You now need to repeat these steps to get a second Cleansed Rock.

NOTE: Once the Cleansed Rock is created, the timer will stop. You’re free to leave the Cleansed Rock on the ground until you’re ready to complete the next step.

Go back to the Safe House, use the computer, then use the computer in the opposite tent you used the first time — if you used the computer tent in East Berlin, go to West Berlin, and vice versa.

WARNING: Placing the second Cleansed Rock in the Secret Lab will initiate the final boss fight. Don’t do it until you’re prepared.

Step #5: The Boss Fight & Ending

Phase 1: The boss is Valentina — she spawns in the Secret Lab first, summoning swarms of zombies. She has a blue shield and a red health bar. Take out her shield to damage her. She’s sporadically recharge her shield during the fight. There’s nothing special to this phase, just run around and shoot her.

After about 20% HP is down, she’ll teleport to a new location. When she changes locations, you can buy ammo or recharge your armor.

Phase 2: In Phase 2, Valentina moves to the Destroyed Penthouse rooftop. For this phase, Valentina gains an instakill attack. Your HUD will shake and gain a swirling effect — when this happens, take cover in the lower level of the area and put a wall between you and her.

Valentina will also spawn flying zombies around her to absorb their health. Destroy the floating zombies before she can absorb them.

She doesn’t gain any more special attacks at this point. Instead, she moves locations every 20% HP down. She’ll go to West Berlin Street, then East Berlin Street, and finally return to the Secret Lab for the final phase.

Phase 3: In the Secret Lab, defeat Valentina and interact with the body. A short cutscene will play, then you’ll be back in control. You need to defend Klaus as he approaches the giant portal — when he enters the portal, the Easter egg quest is complete and you’ll get the ending cutscene.

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