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Defeat the mighty Forsaken boss in the final Zombies map for Black Ops Cold War — you just need to finish a convoluted Easter egg quest to get there. Like all the Zombies maps, this one has a long (and completely secret) puzzle quest for players to complete. It’s a grueling slog, but you’ll earn a unique endings complete with epic boss battle if you can survive and complete all the steps. And there are a lot of steps to complete.

In this quest, you’ll be working to craft a strange device in the Main Street crafting station. To get all three parts, you’ll need to do basically everything on the map — turn on power, use the Pack-a-Punch, unlock the Wonder Weapon, and even access some secret challenges. There are hidden rooms you can only reach by recharging arcade cabinets, special parts to collect by utilizing the new boss monsters, and just a ton of undead to deal with. Technically this Easter egg quest is possible solo, but playing coop will make everything so, so much easier.

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Pre-Requisite: Lift The Lockdown

The first step of the Easter Egg quest is to reach the Watch Tower and lift the lockdown to restore power. This also unlocks the Pack-A-Punch machine, perks, and more rooms in the rest of the map you can explore.

This step is automated and is shown to the player with objective markers. Follow the steps and you’ll be fine — but you can also check out our full Pack-A-Punch guide here for tips.

  • NOTE: The trickiest part is preparing for the Abomination miniboss. Aim for the glowing mouth to death serious damage. Purchase a more powerful gun or use the Mystery Box BEFORE going to the final portal leading to the Watch Tower. When you approach, the boss monster will spawn.

Step #1: Complete The Crystal Trials

In the Watch Tower, look in the room past the lockdown button for a two-sided metal door. There’s a flashing button to the right — interact with it (hold the interact button, no prompt will appear) to begin the Easter egg quest proper.

Crystal Trials: Pressing this button causes three large purple crystals to spawn. To complete each trial, go to the crystal and shoot the spinning purple orbs. Once you begin shooting the orbs, hordes of zombies will spawn. Each remaining orb will spin faster and faster, making it more difficult to shoot.

  • Crystal Location #1: Staging Area
  • Crystal Location #2: Storage Zone 5 Rooftops
  • Crystal Location #3: Amplifier

Next, you need to destroy the remaining purple crystal at all three locations with the Crysalaxe Wonder Weapon. We can’t do it yet, but prepare by working on getting the Wonder Weapon earlier. The Wonder Weapon can be obtained through the Mystery Box, by completing Trials at Legendary Reward Level, or randomly in the Arcade Token mini-games. All of these methods are random.

Side-Step: Getting A Guaranteed Chrysalaxe Wonder Weapon

You can also earn a guaranteed Chrysalaxe by completing a side-Easter Egg quest. This can be done at any time while completing the main Easter egg. You need to collect three parts and put them together.

  • Polymorphic Crystal Core: After Round 9, a special part will drop in Jim’s Donuts on Main Street. Go to the part, and defeat the zombies that spawn — lots of mimics will appear here, so be ready.
  • Tempered Crystal Heart: Drops from the Tormenter Zombies — the red zombies that explode. Only drops if you kill them with fire-elemental damage. Ring of Fire, molotovs, or any flame weapons will work.
  • Dark Aether Crystal: Purple crystals will begin spawning all over the map after lifting the lockdown. To get this part, you need to lure an Abomination boss monster near a dark crystal, then bait it into firings its laser beam attack. When it hits the crystal, this part will spawn. (Hopefully. This step is very difficult right now!)

Take the three parts to the Particle Accelerator Room and find the large tank of purple water behind the large cylinder. Get melee kills after interacting with the pool to place all parts — after charging the machine with enough zombie souls, you’ll be able to claim the Wonder Weapon.

Step #2: Getting The Catalyzed Crystal Shards

Once you have a Chrysalaxe Wonder Weapon (or two for your team), travel to the Fuel Processing room and use the buttons on the four fuel tanks. Depending on your team size, you need to press all the buttons in unison — then have one player quickly press the remaining button or buttons.

This will initiate a lockdown and summon loads of zombies into the area. Kill zombies and fill all four cannisters with souls until the lockdown lifts. Once complete, a Fuel Canister part will drop — collect it and we can continue to the Dark Aether destroying.

  • Destroying The Dark Aether Crystals: Unlock the Fuel Canister, then travel to the three giant crystals and use the Wonder Weapon to melee them.

At each crystal, smashing it will spawn a special grenade item called a Crystal Shard and an Abomination boss.

  • Getting The Catalyzed Crystal Shards: After spawning the Abomination, pick up the Crystal Shard and throw it at the Abomination. It will eat it (a short animation will play) — now kill it with the Wonder Weapon and it will drop a Catalyzed Crystal Shard.

Travel to all three dark crystal locations (Staging Area, Storage Zone 5 Rooftops, Amplifier) and smash them with the Chrysalaxe, then throw the Crystal Shard at the Abomination, and kill the Abomination with the Wonder Weapon to spawn a Catalyzed Crystal Shard. Do this at all three locations to get all three shards.

Step #3: Getting The Monitoring Device & Housing Unit

  • Pre-Requisite: For this step, you need to add Dead Wire to any weapon via the Pack-A-Punch upgrade menu.

For this step, you need to collect several parts.

Getting The Monitoring Device: Get a Dead Wire Pack-a-Punch’d gun (any will work) and travel to the Arcade. Find the “Activision Grand Prix” arcade cabinet across from the pinball machines. Shoot a zombie with Deadwire near the cabinet, and the electricity will activate it — now you can use the Grand Prix machine for 2000 essence.

This causes an RC Car to spawn. Drive the car to the TV Store, behind the counter, and to the ajar vent. When close to the vent, the energy blast will blow it open so you can drive inside. Detonate the RC Car bomb inside the small room. This causes a Monitoring Device Ultra Tier Item to spawn on a high shelf behind the pay counter. Grab it.

Getting The Housing Unit: Getting The: Travel to the Boardroom in the Bunker Entrance area, and lure an Abomination inside. In the corner of the room, there’s a hanging part that looks like a Lunar Module — bait the Abomination into charging into the wall near this part to knock it down. Then you can collect the Housing Unit.

Step #4: The Final Boss Fight

Now that you have all three parts (Catalyzed Crystals, Monitoring Device and Housing Unit) you can initiate the boss fight. Use the Crafting Station at the end of Main Street — this constructs the Aetherium Neutralizer. After dialogue, you can interact with the Aetherium Neutralizer again to initiate the final boss.

  • How To Complete The Boss Fight:
  • Phase 1: A machine will appear with a bubble shield creating a small safe zone. To progress, use the Wonder Weapon to smash the Red Crystals outside the safe zone. You can survive briefly.
    • After melee attacking a Red Crystal, collect the shards it drops and use on the device to charge it up, causing it to move again. Repeat this step until you reach your destination.
    • At the tunnel, interact with the door to being the boss fight proper.
  • Phase 2: Start by destroying the shield around the giant Forsaken by shooting the two purple crystals on his shoulders.
    • Maxis will spawn somewhere in the arena and generate a purple circle. Kill zombies in the purple area to charge Maxis’s Essence meter. When fully charged, she’ll fly and activate one of the large turrets in the area.
    • Use the activated turret to target the shoulder crystals again. This is the only way to do damage.
    • Destroy both shoulder crystals to initiate the next phase of the fight.
  • Phase 3: Aim for the dark purple crystal in his stomach on the second phase to deplete the shield.
    • Repeat the Maxis step to charge the turret. Aim for the stomach crystal.
    • When the shield recharges, aim for the head crystal — then use the turret on the head crystal to finally defeat the Forsaken.
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