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Forsaken is the fourth and final DLC map for Black Ops Cold War Zombies, bringing an end to the series by returning players to a familiar locale from the singleplayer game. Set in a massive Soviet facility made to look just like Anytown, USA, you’ll be fighting undead abominations instead of USSR soldiers. One innovation here is the inclusion of a new rare drop from the undead — Arcade Tokens. These tokens can be used in the Arcade to play three different machines, each with their own challenges and rewards.

There are some deep cuts for fans of Call of Duty: Zombies. One of the arcade games sends you into a perfect recreation of the very first Zombies survival map in Call of Duty: World At War. You’ll be rewarded for taking out zombies with extremely limited ammunition. Then there’s a callback to Der Eisendrache — a memorable Zombies map set in a Nazi castle, where players could summon spectral hellhounds and feed them zombie souls. You’ll have to do the same thing here to earn big, big rewards.

How To Earn Free Perks & Prizes

Randomly, you’ll earn Arcade Tokens by defeating zombies. These unique items need to be collected after they’re dropped manually.

  • You can also purchase Arcade Tokens from the Change Machine for 10,000 essence.

There are different games you can play, each with their own unique prizes. If you’re good, you can earn huge cash rewards.

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