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Here’s a quick little Easter egg included in Mauer Der Toten for Season 5 of Black Ops Cold War. This Easter egg was solved by SASTAC on Youtube — and anyone can do it. All you need are a bunch of grenades and the correct spot to search. Completing this Easter egg is very simple, and rewards you with any number of free rare Perks or Scorestreaks. You’re also guaranteed to get an LT53 Kazimir grenade.

This is on top of all the other Easter eggs and secrets found in Mauer Der Toten. This little mini-Easter egg can be completed multiple times, is very easy to do if you’ve got extra grenades in your inventory (like I usually do) and gets you huge valuable rewards. You can do this immediately once you reach the city streets section of the map. Check out the full guide below for all the details.

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To do this Easter egg, travel to West Berlin Street and look for an open manhole (sewer) right next to a military truck, opposite the alleyway exit from the Korber Building.

  • Sewer Explosives Side-Quest: Use any explosive (Grenade, Semtex) and throw it down the sewer. After the explosion, you’ll hear some whaling down below. Do it again — you need to throw two grenades — and rewards will spill out of the hole.

That’s it! Doing this will give you lots of salvage, 1 random rare Perk / Scorestreak, and the LT53 Kazimir. You can repeat this mini-Easter egg up to 3 times per game. So if you’ve got two grenades, just return to this spot and toss two more in for a different free perk.

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