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The final Zombies DLC map for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is here, and your first objective is always to unlock the Pack-a-Punch Machine. This time, the path to the machine is fairly linear — you’ll need to enter a series of portals and traverse the entire map to finally unlock the Watch Tower and lift the lockdown. Lifting the lockdown essentially restores power to the facility, allowing you to use ziplines, perks, and other facilities. You gain full access to this pretty dang huge map, and part of that access is a Pack-a-Punch.

Even better, this is the safest Pack-a-Punch location in a long time. Zombies literally can’t access the Watch Tower, making return trips very leisurely. You can use Zip-Lines scattered at each point of the map, or travel through two portals. The paths around this map can be pretty tricky, but you’ll learn fast — and the mini-quest to reach the Pack-a-Punch is surprisingly breezy. You’ll blaze through the first few zombie waves. These undead have no chill, and they spawn whether you’re ready for them or not.

How To Unlock Pack-A-Punch

The Pack-A-Punch Machine is located in the Watch Tower at the center of the Facility. To unlock it, you need to travel through the entire facility and defeat a mini-boss monster called an Abomination. These are all the steps.

Step #1: Reach The Bunker Teleporter

  • Go to the Teleporter in the Spawn Room / Staging Area and activate it. It will take some time to charge.
  • Enter the portal to enter the Facility. At the Checkpoint, go upstairs and unlock the door (500 points) to reach Main Street.
  • On Main Street, reach the rooftops to access the second portal. This one is already open — it takes you to the Video Store Rooftop.
  • From the Rooftop, unlock doors through Anytown. Reach Anytown East, then the teleporter at the Fuel Processing Room beneath the Observation Tower.

Step #2: Repair The Bunker Teleporter

  • The Teleporter at Fuel Processing is broken. To fix it, we need to find four parts. The parts always spawn in the same room, but may appear in different locations. Look for an item with a gold outline.
    • Part #1: Burger Town – Collect the Fryer Cage behind the counter.
    • Part #2: TV Store – Grab the Cathode-Ray Tube on the shelf near the door to Anytown East.
    • Part #3: Cinema – The Focusing Lens is held by the mannequins near the entrance, sitting on a blue cushion with a pizza box.
    • Part #4: Video Store 1F – Look in the backroom of the store, on the crates opposite the stairs near the door. There’s a Circuit Board here.
  • Return to Fuel Processing and repair the teleporter. It will take about 10 seconds, and the portal opens almost immediately.

Step #3: Clear The Bunker & Lift The Lockdown

  • Inside the Bunker, unlock the door to the Amplifier. Approach the portal, and an Abomination boss will appear.
    • To defeat the Abomination, aim for the glowing purple energy in one of its three mouths. It will only take damage when shooting the glowing mouth!
    • I recommend clearing out the zombie spawns in your Round before approaching the portal.
  • Enter the Portal into the Watch Tower, then press the button to release the lockdown. You can find the Pack-A-Punch down the hallway.
  • The Watch Tower is infected with high levels of Ethereal Radiation. No zombies will spawn here, but you can only stay for a short time.

Save up 5000 Essence and you can start upgrading your guns right away. This map isn’t easy. You’ll want a good PaP ASAP.

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