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Every Call of Duty: Zombies map has a Wonder Weapon — that’s just how these maps work. And if you’re planning on completing the Easter Egg quest, you’ll need to get your hands on one. There are multiple ways to get the CRBR-S energy pistol, but there’s only one way to guarantee a drop for free. You can earn one randomly by completing trials or opening Mystery Boxes, but this is the sure-fire way to get one. It isn’t too hard, and you can grab it by Round 10 even if you’re playing solo.

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How To Get The CRBR-S FREE

The CRBR-S is the Wonder Weapon for Mauer Der Toten, a handheld blaster that’s required for reaching high rounds or completing the Easter egg quest. You can earn the weapon randomly by completing Trials or if you’re lucky with the Mystery Box. If you want to guarantee one free CRBR-S, you can earn one with this method.

Step #1: Rebuild Klaus

We’ve got an entire guide dedicated to rebuilding Klaus, but here are the basics — install a Battery and Robot Hands on the robot in the underground Safe House.

  • Klaus Parts Locations:
    • Battery: Drops when you defeat a Tank Zombie Boss. Zombie Tanks spawn in Round 10+.
    • Robot Hands: Install the Brain Rot mod onto any weapon with the Pack-a-Punch, then travel to Hotel Room 305. Use Brain Rot to make a zombie friendly near the boarded up door — the friendly zombie will destroy the door, allowing you to enter the room and collect the robot hands. Interact with the body on the bed.

Install the parts and you’ve got Klaus! You can resummon him with radios around the level.

Step #2: Find The Code

The Wonder Weapon is located in a locked safe — to unlock the safe, you need to get a code. The code is hidden, so you’ll need a special UV Attachment to see it.

  • How To Get The UV Light Attachment: Take Klaus to the Switch Control Room and order him near the single locker against the wall. He’ll bust it open and you can collect the UV Attachment inside.

The numbers appear in random spots on the wall in different rooms. Search the following rooms to get the numbers — there are three sets of numbers, one for each of the three dials on the safe. Each room has numbers for each dial — the first room has the numbers for the first room, and so on. In each room, you’ll find the number 1, 2 or 3 (to show which dial the numbers correspond to) and a set of two numbers in a random location in the same room.

  • Dial #1 Code: Found in the Garment Factory. Use the UV Light to find two numbers on the wall.
  • Dial #2 Code: Found in the Service Passage.
  • Dial #3 Code: Found in the Grocery Store.

Screenshot (or write down) the numbers and memorize them! Now you can get your Wonder Weapon.

Step #3: Unlock The Safe

Travel to Hotel Room 305 and interact with the safe. Input the numbers you found in the rooms (Dial 1 = Garment Factory, Dial 2 = Service Passage, Dial 3 = Grocery Store) for each dial, and it will unlock!

Inside, you’ll finally get a guaranteed Wonder Weapon. Now you can enjoy blasting zombies and completing Easter eggs with the most powerful gun in Mauer Der Toten.

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