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The Blaster Master Zero trilogy is finally complete, and if you want to save Eve and finally bring an end to the mutant menace, you’ll have to complete two steps to reach the true ending. Simply playing through Blaster Master Zero 3 isn’t enough — there’s a tricky step you need to complete mid-cutscene, which leads to an entire new area with multiple challenging boss fights. That’s the kind of bonus we like to see in a game, and if you’re playing Blaster Master Zero 3, you absolutely need to earn this extra ending… even if you have no idea what’s happening in the story. Trust me, that’s normal.

Blaster Master Zero 3 is the third in a series of indie games bringing back the retro platforming glory of Blaster Master. Part Metroidvania, part tank game, and party isometric actioner, Blaster Master gives you plenty of ways to play with vibrant pixel graphics that are perfectly suited to the Nintendo Switch — or your low-power laptop of choice. It’s been a good year for Metroidvanias, with Grime, Axiom Verge 2, and others already dropping around the same time. If you love the genre like I do, you’re swimming in games… and a game isn’t worth finishing if you don’t earn the best ending possible.

How To Unlock Area ?? | True Ending Guide

There are two requirements to get the true ending and access the final area of the game — Area ??. One of them can be done at any point in the game, and doesn’t rely on your completion. Another is a seemingly invisible requirement, but players have a pretty good idea what you need to do.

  • How To Access Area ??: Press the VRV switch button during the red text cutscene after beating the “final” boss. If you fail to press this button, you’ll restart and have to fight the boss again.
  • How To Get The True Ending: Enter 32-33~ VRV portals throughout the open-world. This includes portals you’re forced to enter, and portals during boss fights. Once you enter enough portals (may need to reveal as much of the map as possible) you’ll get used to super-dimension space and two small rings will appear by your name in the menu.

Once the icon appears (and Leibniz lets you know in a cutscene) you’ll get used to existing in space, and you’ll be able to earn the true ending. This involves travelling to yet another area in the future — you’ll have limited items and upgrades, and you’ll have to fight 5 difficult boss fights. Clear all the bosses and you’ll finally earn the ending to this trilogy. It’s a tough series of fights, so be prepared to use all your skill.

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