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Bloober Team has been around for a good little while now but the studio really found some solid footing in the video game industry for delivering horror titles. The studio has delivered multiple video game projects that tap into a psychological horror experience. Now we’re finding out that the studio has received grants for three projects, one of which was already released which has others wondering just what these two other projects will be released. Of course, there’s always the chance they’ll never release into the marketplace.

After the incredible success of 2016’s Layers of Fear, Bloober Team had continued to bring out psychological horror games. We’ve seen Observer, Layers of Fear 2, Blair Witch, and of course their latest video game release into the marketplace, 2021’s The Medium. Recently, it’s been discovered that Bloober Team received three grants for video game projects with one being Layers of Fear 2. Now two other projects have yet to make an appearance into the general public. Despite having grants, it’s worth noting that these games may never get developed or released into the marketplace.

For now, it looks like the two projects have some brief synopsis. In one instance, a project called Black will be a first-person survival game with combat. We know that this game is also centered around a medieval setting with player choice and a supernatural element. Furthermore, the other grant is for a game called Dum Spiro which is centered during World War II which will star a young boy who is out to survive and save his sister. With that said, it might be projects that are not put aside or scrapped after Bloober Team has partnered up with Konami.

It wasn’t long ago that Bloober Team and Konami’s partnership was announced. This left plenty of anticipation of a Silent Hill video game being developed. With such a big franchise with a strong following, it’s a game franchise that not only fans were interested in making a return, but an IP that might put Bloober Team’s skills to the test. For now, there’s been no confirmation that Bloober Team is working on anything Silent Hill so it’s a waiting game to see just what their first project will be about after striking the deal with Konami.

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