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Before Bokeh Game Studio was ever started, there was a conversation between the two co-founders, Kazunobu Sato and Keiichiro Toyama. Both were working for Sony with Keiichiro Toyama having quite a strong resume such as being one of the key developers behind Silent Hill. However, it wasn’t long ago that Toyama spoke with Sato about a video game idea he had and was interested in Sato’s thoughts. According to Sato, the idea was quite terrible, but in a good way.

This bit of news comes from an interview that featured Kazunobu Sato. The developer was discussing the upcoming project from Bokeh Game Studio and how Toyama had an idea that would force players to make decisions or sacrifices to continue. These decisions and choices will start to mess with the player’s mind according to Sato, but so far we’re left pretty much in the dark as to what we can expect with this upcoming project.

It’s clear that the studio is still heavily in development and we may not see anything about this game in terms of marketing until next year, but the interview does provide some motion capturing for the project. We get a look at some sword battles to even a man wielding a gun, but again, there’s nothing here to indicate just what the game will be about. With that said, it’s been noted in the past that this will be a horror game but not one that you might expect. 

Instead of having a strong horror element to the title, there’s more focus around action-adventure gameplay with horror elements. This might help sway some more players into trying the game out if they were not up for an actual strong horror video game experience. For now, it looks like this game will have a strong narrative that relies on players to make decisions or path choices along the way, but for now, we’re simply waiting on the premise details to get unveiled. 

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