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The Borderlands franchise is celebrating the second anniversary of Borderlands 3. This installment has been played by fans worldwide, and they are continuing to find a reason to jump back into the gameplay. As a result, the Gearbox Software developers offers players special events to give another incentive to stick around with the game a bit longer. There’s a total of five weeks of events planned, so we will have content going through until September 9, 2021. 

Best of all, the events have already begun. If you missed the announcement, this first event features better legendary drops across different planets. Each week, a new planet will be featured with better drops, so you’ll be moving around a bit to find that particular gear piece you might be hunting for. As mentioned, the first week has already begun yesterday but will continue to run until August 19, 2021. So to start things off, we’ll be heading to Pandora for the better gear drops. You can get a better look at what planets you’ll need to visit down below. Each of which will kick off at 9AM PT. 

Weekly Events 

  • Week 1 Pandora August 12 – August 19 
  • Week 2 Promethea August 19 – August 26
  • Week 3 Eden-6 August 26 – September 2
  • Week 4 Nekrotafeyo September 2 – September 9

As mentioned, there are five weeks of events. The first four will feature special gear drops within the designated areas listed above. However, there are also two more events happening starting September 9. Players will get Mayhem Made Mild which will feature easy modifiers in Mayhem Mode. Furthermore, that week will also include Show me the Eridium, which will have increased Eridium drops and Eridium item discounts.

Hopefully, this should get some veteran players back into Borderlands 3 if they have been taking a break from the game. Meanwhile, if you haven’t already started the game then you can check out the Borderlands 3 Before You Buy coverage in the video embedded above. Here we’ll give you overall impressions of the game along with some gameplay footage.


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