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If you want more fancy hats and shiny outfits, you’re going to need recipes in Boyfriend Dungeon. There are 65 recipes total, and finding them seems totally random early in the game. There’s just no way to get them all without scouring every hidden shortcut in every dungeon, right? Well, there is another way to filling your inventory with every recipe available — one that’s way easier than replaying every dungeon floor. It might take some time, but this is the most straightforward method for finding any recipe you might be missing.

And those recipes are important! You can make new outfits for your character (including hats) and gifts for your weapons. Gifts are what you’ll need to reach Level 6 with your favorite bladed tools of destruction, and if you’re unsure what gifts to give, check out our full Boyfriend Dungeon Gift Giving Guide.

How To Get Every Recipe | All 65 Recipes

Crafting recipes are hidden all throughout the game, and can be used to craft hats, outfits, and gifts. There are 65 recipes in total, and for finding 64 / 65 recipes, you’ll earn the “Prepared” achievement.

Luckily, there’s no reason to hunt around for every recipe. There’s an easier method for finding them all — it just requires a little grinding. Try hunting for as many recipes as you can, and only stop to try this method if you want to get more, or if you’re going for the achievement. There’s no need to replay levels and search for recipes. Just do the following.

  • How To Grind For Recipes: Defeat the La Rosa (Dungeon 2) boss to get a unique recipe every single time. You won’t get repeats. They always drop a recipe that you haven’t found yet.

Otherwise, recipes will drop randomly on different floors of Verona Mall and La Rosa. Breaking cracked walls and finding shortcutting basically guarantees a vault which contains recipes. Always be on the lookout for those shortcuts!

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