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Call of Duty’s 2021 entry, Vanguard, hasn’t even launched yet, and already details are leaking out all over the place about the next entries in the series. Given that Call of Duties 2022 and 2023 are almost certainly in development, it’s probably not a surprise that known insiders are already getting hold of story details. The latest rumor is that the 2023 entry in the series will be set sometime in the near future.

The scant info comes from DualShockers’ Tom Henderson, who’s known for getting dirt like this. In response to a tweet about other Call of Duty leaks, he said, “Treyarch’s next game is also semi-futuristic (boots on the ground) if you want 2023 info.” I have no idea what “semi-futuristic” means, but I’m going to assume it’s set in a time period close enough to ours to not look too much like Titanfall but far enough away to justify some cool tech.

Since the next game developer in the rotation for Call of Duty will be Infinity Ward, the natural presumption is that Call of Duty 2022 will be a sequel to 2019’s Modern Warfare. There are even some details leaked about the story. Nothing we’ve heard about that game so far sounds that far-fetched, so most of the leaks are probably at least somewhat reflective of the real game. But what does this mean for the future games in the series?

The developer in the rotation after that will be Treyarch, whose last game to be developed was Black Ops Cold War. There’s no saying if the next game in the series will continue with the Black Ops series, but it’s likely given how much Activision likes the subseries. If they do, it’d be interesting to see where on the BlOps timeline this game falls. Meanwhile, we’re just going to have to settle for Vanguard this year.


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