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As Activision prepares to deliver the latest Call of Duty, the WW2-era adventure Vanguard, there are already rumors circulating about what the next game in the series would be. And according to leakers and industry reports, the next game in the series will be Modern Warfare 2, the sequel to the Modern Warfare reboot released in 2019. This makes sense, as we’re due for another Modern Warfare title and the game’s campaign does end on an obvious cliffhanger.

Insider Tom Henderson tweeted details about the upcoming project, which he said was called “Project Cortez,” a name that also appeared in the leaked list of GeForce Now games from earlier this week. He also adds that it’s likely to be a Modern Warfare sequel. It’s not an unfair assumption (if it is an assumption), given that the next developer in the rotation is Infinity Ward, whose last game they developed was the Modern Warfare reboot.

The information was later corroborated by VGC, which said that “Modern Warfare’s sequel will include a campaign involving US special forces fighting a covert war against Columbian drug cartels.” If I recall correctly, that would be a bit of a break from the story of the original Modern Warfare 2, but the reboot’s story has always been different.

When the campaign of Modern Warfare 2019 ended, Captain Price was looking over potential recruits for the nascent Task Force 141 in order to thwart Zakhaev. The recruits include Soap, Ghost, and Gaz, though only the latter appears in the campaign proper under his proper name of Private Kyle Garrick. There are several familiar elements in this game that have appeared in previous Modern Warfare games, albeit with different contexts. Whether the story of the first Modern Warfare 2 (wow, what an odd thing to say) will be adapted for this game remains to be seen.


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