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Sledgehammer Games, the developers of Call of Duty Vanguard, have revealed several new details about the upcoming game’s multiplayer modes. The most important news it delivered in today’s stream was that gamers who pre-order the game will get access to the multiplayer beta, which will be available starting next weekend. We also learned that the game will not have factions, but will have operator progression systems that allow players to customize their preferred character.

Vanguard’s multiplayer will come with 20 maps in total, with 16 core maps (4 will be for the Champion Hill mode), and there will be 6 operators (multiplayer characters) available in the beta. Gamers who pre-order the game will have early access to the multiplayer beta, which will be available in separate periods for PlayStation and Xbox. Players will be able to try out Champion Hill as well as four maps. They also revealed a new mode called “Patrol,” which is a bit like Hardpoint if the Hardpoint moved.

The game will also have new features like “tactical destruction,” also known as “environments you can smash and shoot” (I think Battlefield fans will be familiar with this concept). Sledgehammer is offering a feature called Combat Pacing, a matchmaking system that lets players customize their mode depending on how they wish to play. Their options include Tactical (which is standard 6v6 multiplayer), Assault (a much more tense 14v14 lobby), and Blitz (a 48-player brouhaha that sounds like absolute anarchy).

Sledgehammer revealed more about the Global Special Forces, the operators of which are going to be the playable characters in the multiplayer. The characters will be a diverse group of soldiers who’ve been pulled from different backgrounds and combat capabilities. These operators include elite soldiers who fought on the front lines to covert operatives, inspired by real-life stories, says Sledgehammer.

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