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Call of Duty Vanguard’s beta will be running a couple of extra days to give users a chance to check it out. Considering both player and viewer numbers have been relatively tepid ever since the beta began, and likely Activision is hoping to attract more players if the beta goes on a bit longer. The beta will now run through Wednesday, though if the beta’s as filled with cheaters as rumor has it, it won’t be any more fun now than it was over the weekend.

The beta currently offers four maps: Hotel Royal, Eagle’s Nest, Gavutu, and Red Star. The modes available to play will be Patrol, Team Deathmatch, Domination, and Kill Confirmed. Players who participate in the beta will be able to claim a weapon blueprint in both Warzone and Vanguard when the latter launches, as well as a special operator in Call of Duty: Mobile.

There have been reports of cheaters in the beta, and probably one of the benefits of extending the beta is that those who are legitimately interested in trying the game out will have a chance to play with it. There have been rumors that it’s one of the reasons users haven’t shown as much interest in Vanguard so far as they have previous games. Then again, I’ve also seen that some players don’t like it because it’s not so different from previous games in the series. There is a myriad of reasons the game might not be as well-liked as previous ones in the series.

Most likely, the game will be more popular upon release than it is during the beta, as is inevitable in Call of Duty. It’s not very likely that the current unrest at Actiblizz, which we won’t talk about here, will have an impact on the number of gamers playing at launch. Cheaters, however, could have a serious impact on it, which is why there will supposedly an anti-cheat system in place at the time of launch.


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