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Easily one of the most anticipated video game titles slated for a release in 2020 was CD Projekt Red’s Cyberpunk 2077. After their incredibly successful trilogy conclusion for The Witcher, fans knew that their next big installment would be based around a futuristic setting. Here players would be taking the role of a mercenary of sorts who took on odd jobs to make a living. Meanwhile, the setting would be a big corporation ran area called Night City where most everyone has a wide range of augmentations to their bodies which acts as enhancements. 

Of course, it was a long period of uncertainty for fans with this game as 2020 saw several delays to Cyberpunk 2077. Despite several delays, with some of which hitting after the game went gold, the title finally launched in December of 2020. If you’re unfamiliar with the term of going gold, this is a milestone for developers who had finished the product for the game to get manufactured such as discs and cases. Meanwhile, the norm has been a day one patch so that the build we get on the disc is not the intended game for players to enjoy.

Instead, gamers would receive a patch update which would allow the game to function properly. That wasn’t the case for Cyberpunk 2077. We don’t have to go back on the rocky launch for Cyberpunk 2077 and its series of patches to get the game into what the developers consider satisfactory. However, did you know that you could access the original build of the game that was manufactured on your disc if you own a physical copy of the game?

One user on YouTube took the time to access the build and showcased some of the differences between the original build and the current build available. The developers had made several cuts for the game before it hits consumers in December of 2020. For instance, there is some indication that vendors could move around the city along with different customization options being removed. Still, this is a project that the content creator on YouTube is finding too big for himself to complete so with this video upload it’s hopeful that others could pick up what was discovered so far and find out what else was altered between what CD Projekt Red originally had intended when the game went gold to what is currently available in the present day.

Source: Gamesradar, YouTube 

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